Department of Chemistry

Les Burtnick

Professor (Joint with Centre for Blood Research in the Life Sciences Institute and Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics)

Les has collaboratively published research papers with Robert Robinson (who heads a protein crystallography laboratory at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore). He and Les have collaborated for a number of years and published several papers on the structures and functions of actin and actin-regulatory proteins of the gelsolin family. The four most recent joint publications are:

  • Chumnarnsilpa, S., Lee, W.L., Nag, S., Kannan, B., Larsson, M., Burtnick, L.D., and Robinson, R.C., “The crystal structure of the C terminus of adseverein reveals the actin-binding interface.” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 106: 13719-13724 (2009).
  • Wang, H., Chumnarnsilpa, S., Loonchanta, A., Li., Q., Kwan, L., Robine, S., Larssen, M., Mihalek, I., Burtnick, L.D., and Robinson, R.C., “Helix straightening as an activation mechanism in the gelsolin superfamily of actin regulatory proteins”, J. Biol. Chem. 284: 21265-21269 (2009).
  • Nag, S., Ma, Q., Wang, H., Chumnarnsilpa, S., Lee, W.L., Larsson, M., Kannan, B., Hernandez-Valladares, M., Burtnick, L.D., and Robinson, R.C., “Ca2+-binding by domain 2 plays a critical role in the activation and stabilization of gelsolin.” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 106: 13713-13718 (2009).
  • Wang, H., Robinson, R.C., and Burtnick, L.D., “The structure of native G-actin.” Cytoskeleton 67: 456-465 (2010).

Yoshikata Koga

Senior Instructor Emeritus, Chemistry

Yoshikata is a Senior Instructor Emeritus and has been collaborating with Professor A. Inaba, Research Center for Structural Thermodynamics, Osaka University where he will be staying from now up to November 15, 2010 (See the signature below). This research collaboration started in 2007, and has been very successful in that they have published 3 papers so far, and at least four papers are in preparation.

There is another collaboration with Prof. Keiko Nishikawa, Advanced Integrations Sciences, Chiba University, with whom he will stay from November 15 to January 17, 2011. This collaboration started in 2001 and they have published 20 papers directly from our collaboration, and one about to be submitted.

Information on partner Univeristy:
From Sept. 14 to Nov. 15, 2010
c/o Professor Akira Inaba
Research Center for Structural Thermodynamics, Osaka University
Toyonaka City, machikaneyama-cho, 1-1, Osaka 560-0043 Japan

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