Department of Botany

Roy Turkington

Professor, Botany

Roy has spent many years working in areas throughout Asia. He has provided the following information on his work and his papers.

  • I spent a sabbatical (2006-07) at the Kunming Institute of Botany (KIB) in Yunnan Province, working with Professor Zhou Zhe-khun.
  • In 2008, Dr. Iain Taylor and I returned to Kunming to lead a 6-day workshop on “How to write a scientific paper”
  • Later in 2008, we presented the same workshop to Professor Tang Ya’s group at Szechuan University in Chengdu.
  • In March of this year (2010) I was invited jointly by KIB, Yunnan University and the Xishuangbana Tropical Botanical garden to present a 6-day workshop on “Advanced Experimental Plant Ecology”
  • I co-supervised a student with Prof Zhou. The student has now graduated (Dr. Xia Ke) and working as a researcher in the Germplasm Bank in Kunming. We have a paper submitted for publication. This paper considers some of the factors that regulate the recruitment of a species of oak in these Asian Broadleaf Evergreen Forests where oaks are the dominant species. These forests are among the most diverse in the world and are a biodiversity hotspot.
  • Professor Zhou and I are now co-supervising another PhD student (Jin Jin HU). In collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I was invited to Yunnan this last two weeks to help this student design and implement a field experiment to study the factors regulating the germination and establishment of other tree species in these forest, this time about 8 hours drive SW of Kunming.
  • I have a new MSc student that began 2 weeks ago. Jessica LU will probably go to these forests to do the research component of her Master’s degree.

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