Education Collaboration

Supported by the Chinese State Forestry Administration and the Canadian Forest Service, the Chinese Education Association of Forestry, the Association of University Forestry Schools of Canada, the UBC Faculty of Forestry, the Beijing Forestry University and the International Partnership for Forestry Education jointly organized the Olympic Forestry Education Symposia for 2008 and 2010 in Beijing and Vancouver respectively. These symposia brought together senior-level administrators from Chinese and Canadian forestry education institutions, and representatives from other international organizations concerned with forestry education. The symposia greatly advanced mutual understanding and promoted cooperation between Chinese and international forestry education institutions. The education symposia successfully achieved the following objectives:

  • Promotion of forestry education globally
  • Enhancement of effectiveness of regional networks and possibilities for collaboration across networks
  • Cooperation in e-learning and course-based master programs in forestry
  • Development of a “universal core curriculum” that will promote global dimensions while maintaining special local circumstances.

For information on the education exchange, please contact Guangyu Wang at

Signing of the cooperation agreement between UBC and Beijing Forestry University

Delegates at the second International Symposium held in May 2010 at UBC

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