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Yves Tiberghien, Associate Professor, PhD. Stanford University, 2002
During the 2010/2011 academic year, Prof. Tiberghien is on research sabbatical in Taiwan at National Chengchi University as a visiting scholar. Prof. Tiberghien is also performing research in China, Japan and Korea. He will be a visiting scholar at Peking University in the spring (April-May) and will also be spending time as visiting scholar in Japan both in January and in the spring.

Prof. Tiberghien is working on three main research projects this academic year:

  • The politics of the G20 and global governance, with a focus on the roles of China, Japan and Korea. He has spent time in Seoul performing research on G20 politics and giving seminars at Korea University and at the East Asian Institute, a key South Korean think tank.
  • The role of China in global governance. Prof. Tiberghien conducted a series of interviews last December and produced a first paper, which was presented at Tsinghua University, Beijing (December 2009), Stanford University and Berkeley University (October 2010), and Korea University (November 2010), garnering much feedback. He will continue the research in the field in Beijing in April-June 2011.
  • The politics of inequality in Japan. Prof. Tiberghien has performed key data research which has been presented at Princeton University (March 2010), Tokyo University (August 2010) and again Princeton (October 2010).

Anjali Bohlken, Assistant Professor, PhD. New York University, 2010
Prof. Bohlken specializes in comparative politics and political economy with an emphasis on South Asia. Current research projects focus on India and investigate the causes and consequences of decentralization to the local level and the link between economic conditions and ethnic violence.

Brian Job, Professor, PhD. Indiana University
Prof. Job’s area of specialty is Asia-Pacific and International Relations, and he is Director of the Security and Defence Program at UBC’s Centre of International Relations.

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