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Jim Glassman, Associate Professor, PhD. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Prof. Glassman is examining the formation of Asian regional production networks during the Cold War period, focusing on the role of the US government in promoting such networks and examining cases of firms from South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. He has begun to study details of the processes by which major South Korean chaebol (business conglomerates), such as Samsung and Hyundai, extended their operations regionally, including via partnerships with Japanese firms and participation in the US military’s offshore procurement program for the Vietnam War. He plans to use some of the data he has collected as the foundation for studying details of military procurement and its effects on different countries, companies and general processes of industrial transformation within East and Southeast Asia between 1960 and 1990, a key period for the economic transformation of the so-called “second-tier” Asian newly industrializing countries (especially South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and, to a lesser extent, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines). The hope is that analysis of the military procurement story will help fill out a more robust account of the basis for Asian economic dynamism and regional integration.


  • Thailand at the Margins (Oxford, 2004)
  • Bounding the Mekong: the Asian Development Bank, China and Thailand (Hawaii, 2010).

David Ley, Professor

Prof. Ley’s most recent book Trans-Pacific Life Lines (Blackwell, 2010) follows the wealthy migrants who came to Canada from Hong and Taiwan in the period since 1980. It documents their experiences, impacts and, in many cases, their return to Asia. He is currently working on housing issues in Hong Kong. The project is called Gentrification in Hong Kong.

David Edgington, Associate Professor, PhD. Monash University, 1986

Prof. Edgington’s is currently working on two research projects:

  • Japan and the Greater China Circle – an economic geography examination of Japan’s new trade and overseas investment relations with China, Taiwan and Hong Kong since 2001.
  • Urban Governance in Japanese Metropolitan Regions, focusing on how Japanese cities are addressing major shifts in the country’s economy, population change, and environmental and social policy issues.

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