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Charging Beijing’s Electric Vehicles Policy

Memo #306 By Marc McCrum – mbmccrum [at] and Grégoire-François Legault – gregoire.legault [at]                                   According to the World Bank, Beijing’s poor air quality costs $300bn a year in healthcare costs and premature deaths. Of Beijing’s air pollution, over 30% is […]

Sustainable Tourism Governance in Bulacan Province: Practical Steps towards Collaboration

Pacific Prospective features the research of graduate students Memo #304 By  Rosa Hsuan-Ju Shih – rosa.hj.shih [at] With eco-tourism and cultural tourism gaining ground in Bulacan Province, Philippines, sustainable development will be a challenge so long as tourism development itself remains a fragmented process without a guiding framework. How best to define “sustainable tourism development” is one […]

The Thai Political Crisis of 2014: Necessary Cultural and Historical Background

Memo #303 By Jim Placzek – james.placzek [at] The key to understanding the current crisis in Thailand is Thai national identity. For decades a government office has been successfully promoting symbols of this identity. The central symbol of that identity is the monarchy. The elite of Thailand, including the military, have been called “the network monarchy”and […]

Suicide Protesters in Eastern Tibet: The Shifting Story of a People’s Tragedy

Memo #302 By Antonio Terrone – a-terrone [at] The recent wave of self-immolations across the Eastern Tibetan regions of the People’s Republic of China continues to leave the world in dismay for both its violence and determination. They also represent a new shift in terms of the demography of protesters in Tibetan society. Among the 131 […]

By Pipe and Rail: Russia in Search of Shorter Routes to Asian Markets

Memo #301 Putin Prioritizes Geo-Economics over Geo-Politics By Mendee Jargalsaikhan – mendee [at] Russia’s largest state-owned oil giants,Transneft and Rosneft, as well as Russian railroad authorities are again eyeing Mongolian routes as the shortest, most efficient, and safest way to Asian markets. Russia’s previous transport options to these markets—through the Russian Far East (RFE), North Korea, and Central […]

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